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We provide a rigorous classical, Christian education anchored in biblical truth.

A School for boys

This allows us to build life-long learners and sound Christian expositors. Registration for enrollment is now open for the 2023-2024 school year serving grades 4-11.

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At Buffalo Creek Boys School we believe that education is about more than just preparing for college or getting a good job. 

Virtue and Valor

Who is your child becoming?

developing young men of

Our Approach

We foster a learning environment that celebrates the energy of boys and directs it toward the learning of the liberal arts, development of the common arts, and the exploration of nature.

Ultimately, our aim is to help young men develop a relationship with Christ and to proclaim Him as preeminent in all things. 

Col. 1:18-19; John 3:31

We believe that a Classical, Christian education is the best approach to whet a boy's appetite for discovery, unlock his passion and creativity for the task at hand, while presenting him with opportunities and challenges that inspire and motivate him to grow to his God-given potential in mind, body and spirit.

Buffalo Creek Boys School

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By working in partnership with parents and the community, BCBS equips boys with the necessary tools of learning and finds meaningful ways to channel their energies into positive growth. The school nourishes their souls on Truth, Goodness, and Beauty so that in Christ each boy is able to know, glorify and enjoy God.

The Scoop

Buffalo Creek Boys School (BCBS) was founded in response to the research of the last two decades showing prevalent teaching methods are better suited to the social needs, cognitive development, and learning style of girls than boys.

As a result, BCBS is committed to offering instructional methods that celebrate and cultivate the unique characteristics of boys while offering academic rigor within a Christian worldview by providing:


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Provides a safe, supportive environment where boys can mature socially, be treated respectfully, explore new interests confidently, and enjoy being a boy whole-heartedly without the distraction and peer pressure brought on by the presence of girls.

Single-Sex Education

What makes our school different?

Understands a boy’s need to be active, take responsible risks, play competitively, and work as a team.


Allows for greater participation, and closer teacher/student relationships in classes of ten students or less.

Small Class Size

Uses classical, inquiry-based and full-sensory teaching methods to engage boys. Outdoor and extracurricular activities offer boys opportunities to develop leadership and problem solving skills, as well as to build confidence and courage.

Innovative Teaching


Recently we tested the canoe we built. It was supposed to take six hours to build, but instead, it took about thirty hours! Next Thursday, May 16, we're going to hike eleven miles. It's going to be challenging.

This school is awesome, and I want to sponsor someone here when I get older.

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-Mike Meads

The reports he has to write, then give a speech about are helping him with public speaking. His math and reading are greatly improved since beginning BCBS. 

Our son tells us how he really likes his classmates and enjoys going to school each day.

REVIEW NO. 1 of 2

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We have a three-step application process to be completed at the specified time on your application. Full and timely completion of the application process enhances your son’s chance in being admitted to BCBS.

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