What parents say about BCBS

“Being able to attend school without fear or condescension has produced more confidence to stand strong in his convictions, try new things, as well as realize the wonder of learning something that previously may have sounded boring to him.  

He is thriving academically as well.  Schoolwork and book learning are/were not his thing, but he is trying very hard to do his best in all his subjects.  I attribute that to the wonderful teachers at the school who motivate and challenge him in a positive way. I cannot say enough good about the school…Thank you for seeing the temporal and eternal benefits of a good education of the whole person.”  -Jeff Kendrick

“The curriculum has been challenging for him, and he has had to “up his game” many times.  He has given several 5-minute presentations in class as well as to parents. We were very proud to see him do so well on his speech at the Founders Day Banquet and realized that public speaking is one of his best strengths. 

Community service broadened his view on how important it is to give back…the Bible instruction and Christian environment throughout the day encouraged him to continue to develop his love of learning about Jesus Christ. 

We cannot imagine a better environment of learning that will prepare our son for life challenges ahead of him.  This year he has grown spiritually and physically, and we cannot stress enough how blessed we feel to have BCBS there for him.”  -Wanda Brown

“I have seen an amazing positive change in our son since he has been enrolled at BCBS. (4 months) He is learning so many hands on experiences, what true friendship is, being able to express his creative side, and overall just being able to enjoy himself at this wonderful school… The teachers are amazing and truly care about the students and the students truly care about each other. I don’t have to worry about any bullying or harassment that he had to endure at the public school. My appreciation goes above and beyond to you for blessing our son with this opportunity.” -Elena Bouchard

“We wanted to drop you a note after attending the luncheon at the school last week…To see the boys singing and reciting was a real joy. This was the first time we have heard our son sing. We appreciate all you are doing at BCBS to teach our son a love and curiosity of learning. We appreciate the Christian teaching that takes place daily as part of the curriculum…Our son comes home each day and begins studying his homework right away. He feels a sense of responsibility to bring his homework in completed, ready for the next day.

Our son tells us how he really likes his classmates and enjoys going to school each day. The reports he has to write, then give a speech about are helping him with public speaking. His math and reading are greatly improved since beginning BCBS. The small class provides just what our son needs; one to one teaching and direct accountability and structure.
We appreciate that there are no social pressures at the school. The pressures that we feel do exist are positive pressure for him to excel. The physical fitness aspect of BCBS is important and ideal for our son. Our son is thriving under your care and instruction.” -Mike Meads

What students say about BCBS

“I am learning how to ride a horse, bike, and canoe and make pottery, clothes, leather projects and how to build a canoe. I have also been challenging myself to get stronger and fit…This school has really made a difference in my life.” -Noah

“We are very ‘academical.’ I am learning how to speak in public. We also take a logic class….This school teaches us courage and teamwork. The Bible class has taught me how to pray out loud, read my bible in the morning and to memorize Bible verses.” -Thadd

“This school is awesome, and I want to sponsor someone here when I get older. Recently we tested the canoe we built. It was supposed to take six hours to build, but instead, it took about thirty hours! Next Thursday, May 16, we’re going to hike eleven miles. It’s going to be challenging.” -Brendan

“I am so grateful to go to this school. It has so many things public schools don’t have, such as hands on learning, adventures, and more physical activities. We do dissection in science and build in tinker class. Also, we learn our manners, respect, prayer, Biblical knowledge and memory verses. They teach us to be good, Godly men.” -Ben