Kendrick’s School Testimony

Letter written to scholarship donor

April 5, 2018

Dear Friend,

As this school year draws to a close and we reflect on Thadd’s experience at Buffalo Creek Boys School, we are reminded of your generosity.  He would not have been able to attend without your support, so now seems like an appropriate time to share with you a small glimpse of what your gift has accomplished in our family’s life this year.  First of all, both of us have noticed that our son has matured greatly during the last few months as he has had the opportunity to work and learn with Lee and Rebecca. He had been homeschooled until he started at BCBS this fall, so we were a bit uncertain as to how he would handle being in such a new and exciting environment.  He has thrived! Though he has had to learn about homework, dedication and commitment – sometimes through adversity – he is growing in his character and genuinely looks forward to new experiences at the school. We see him developing into a young man who interacts confidently with others thanks to his time at the school and in the community during various service projects.  He has also grown intellectually. For example, just this evening he was talking about airplane dogfights, and he honestly knows more than I do about the subject. It was interesting to hear him tell the story of one pilot who shot down the Red Baron. His brothers and sisters (and his mom and I) were listening with anticipation.

Finally, and most importantly, we have observed God working in his life through the school.  His teachers at BCBS have helped us hold him accountable. It has been such a blessing to have Lee and Rebeca walk this path with Thadd and with us (and continue to walk it).  To have fellow believers who care about Thadd as a whole person – spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical – brings such peace to us as we drop him off every day.

This kind of attention to all aspects of who he is would not be possible in a traditional school.  That is part of what makes BCBS such a special place. The teachers provide something that we cannot due to their unique gifting from God.  We just wanted you to be able to enjoy a bit of the fruit of your sacrifice, and we know God will reward you with eternal blessings as well.  

In Christ’s love,

Jeff & Julia Kendrick