Fields of Study

Buffalo Creek Boys School offers a rigorous, classical education that challenges students to live and think from a Christian worldview, develop their critical thinking skills, communicate effectively through oral and written expression, and explore an array of new challenges and experiences.

Core Classes

Classical Education is teacher and method-focused, not curricula dependent. Original sources are used when possible.

Exploratory Classes

Students get the opportunity to explore a new course each quarter, such as geography, horsemanship, canoe building, etc. This gives them future courage to try new things, opportunities to develop new interests, and time to more fully develop skills in a specific field.

Interdisciplinary Units

Throughout the year on Friday mornings, all students and teachers are involved in four, nine-week thematic studies of the teachers’ choosing. This will be an ungraded study that integrates and applies several academic disciplines, allows for student creativity, and builds close peer and teacher relationships.

Special Events

Kick-off Week

The first four days of school are filled with activities designed to build relationships, foster teamwork, set guidelines and rules, evaluate knowledge in subject areas, and familiarize ourselves with the “Fours I’s” of character that will be our focus for the year: to use ingenuity, take initiative, be inquisitive, and have integrity.


Field Trips

Being small allows us the ability to take many field trips to places that relate to our studies. Parents are welcome to join us on these outings.


Survival Skills

One goal of BCBS is to get boys comfortable with being in the woods. Nature is a display of God’s amazing creation and is a peaceful haven boys can seek throughout their lives. In October, we spend several days backpacking in remote parts of Virginia. Boys learn survival skills, how to cook over an open fire, tan hides, orienteer, and identify edible and medicinal plants.

Christmas Sale

For six years, Buffalo Creek Pottery has hosted a “Christmas at the Cabin” sale on the first Saturday of December to raise funds for BCBS. It’s a special event where regular customers, friends, and neighbors come out to Christmas shop and enjoy refreshments by the wood stove in our 250-year-old cabin.


Rites of Passage

There are moments in boys’ lives where they accomplish set goals, mature, and progress into a new grade level. We believe that acknowledging those accomplishments encourages young boys and gives them a sense of being one step closer to manhood. We celebrate those moments in time with special activities called “Rites of Passage.” Some rites of passage call for formal occasions, others for outings in nature, some with families, and some with just classmates. No matter the style, honoring the boy and giving glory to God is the common thread and purpose.


Father/Son Outings

Research is clear when it comes to the immeasurable value of having a positive, loving male presence and role model in the life of a boy to guide him into Biblical manhood. To foster this relationship, BCBS provides opportunities to gather fathers and sons together for an overnight outing. Time is provided to discuss the needs of adolescent boys and the roles fathers play.